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Activities-Adventure Tours

Adventure Tours on Evia Island

If you are a city cycling fan, if you like mountainbiking, either keen on boat tours, or a wine lover this is the  place you sould be.

Visiting local beaches and go siteseeing on you bike, get thrilled for cycling along ancient wineroutes, medieval castles and alpine forests, Evia has it all ,there is no better place than Chalkida and the surrounding historic villages to live your Greek dream.

All you have to do is choose between :

•    Tour No 1 : Cycling / Coast to coast sublime beaches of Chalkis

Whether you are an everyday mountainbiker or a novice cyclist, this is a ride you will enjoy. Take part in this beautiful cycle along Chalkis’s sublime seaside houses and  coved beaches. You  will  have the opportunity to have a swim at the  sea (have your swimming gear with  you).  Cycling along so many winding  beaches, the only thing you have to do is relax and enjoy the scenery. As we reach Chalkis again we will visit the castle of Karababa.

Total length : 23 km
Total Elevation Gain : 100 m
Duration : 3-4 hours
Price : 85 euro per person including bike rental, minimum 2 participants

•    Tour No 2 : MTB / Vineyards & Mountains of Chalkis

Not many people know that one of Evia’s main vineyard area is just cycling distance from the city center. Mytikas is renowned for it’s quality wine producers. Cycling in peaceful roads we will reach the village of Afrati.
Following the stream of Lilas we will come across the Two Towers of Fylla. Our journey takes us to the quarry of magnesite above the village of Afrati. We will ride a small singletrack and follow the Lilas riverbed.
Our returing route will get us to know the other half of Chalkida seaside, the busy part with apartment buildings just next to beautiful beaches. Visiting the lighthouse of Chalkis is a well hidden secret to many foreigners.

Total length : 36 km
Total Elevation Gain : 571 m
Duration : 4-5 hours
Price : 85 euro per person including bike rental, minimum 2 participants

Tour No 3 : Boat Tour / Visiting the Englishman’s island

Evia itself is an island on it’s own and this is the reason why there are so many boat tour options around. One of them is the boat ride to the “Chtyponisi” or “Englishman’s” island which is a large uninhabited island just below Htypas mountain. Three sublime beaches you can swim in, walking on the island or go snorkeling are just some the activities you can do on the island.
The island was leased in 1930 by the Englishman Francis Tervil Petr (Francis Turville-Petre), hence the second name, who built his villa there. His house was bombed during the Second World War, destroying all vegetation throughout the island. Ruins of the house are still preserved for us to visit.

Duration : 4-5 hours
Price : 20 euro per person minimum 10 participants

•    Tour No 4 : Wine Tour / The Vineyards of Evia

Central Evia is well renowned for it’s vineyards. The places called Ampelia, Mytikas & Ritsona are home of numerous wine producers with many awards worldwide. The Lilantion fields are known for their fertile grounds which have been used the past 20-30 years for extracting clay type of soil to provide major brick manufactures with raw material. Many vineyards have been here for hundreds of years but more & more producers have been emerging as years go by and Greeks are turning back to cultivating land as a result of the recession.
We will be visiting 3 of the most respected vineyards in central Evia. We will have the option to taste many different kinds of local wines the producers will have to offer us.

Duration : 5-6 hours
Price : 50 euro per person minimum 3 participants